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Barrys producers of ‘Lucky Man’ star’s new movie say they’re not going to put him back in the movie

In what could be a first for the producer of “Lucky Men” and the lead actor, David Lee Roth, a producer of the Netflix series said Monday they are not going back to the movie.In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Barrys co-producer and co-founder of the film, Mark Burnett, said he had not yet seen […]

Why I Don’t Like The Kardashians Show’s $4 Million Income-Producing Assets

A lot of shows have this problem of “the show” getting a “little bit too rich,” but I don’t think it’s fair to compare The Kardashias to any other show in this category.There’s a clear difference between the Kardashians and the rest of the media world: they’re constantly being paid for their work.They’re also very […]

CVS buys CVS Health for $11 billion

CVS and CVS-Mobile Corp. have signed an agreement to buy rival Anthem Inc. for $9.5 billion, the companies said Tuesday.The deal gives CVS the second-largest pharmacy network in the U.S. after Walgreens Boots Alliance, the nation’s second-biggest drugstore chain, and it also puts the chain in a position to continue expanding in a market dominated […]