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How to cast a movie star for your kids

It’s been a rough year for Hollywood actors.After years of winning critical acclaim and Oscar glory, stars like Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper Jr. and Matthew McConaughey have found themselves struggling financially.Now, a group of high-profile Hollywood actors are speaking out against the industry, claiming that they’re being unfairly targeted.The backlash against Hollywood has grown to […]

Bix, Bix Black, and Bix Factory are bringing the first female producer of male sperm to the forefront of the sperm supply

Bix is the new name for the Bix factory, a private, boutique company that makes high-end synthetic sperm.Bix has launched a website and a Kickstarter campaign, and its first product is an artificial penis.Bex is a male sperm donor, and it’s already available for $150.In short, these products are all the rage.But, like most female […]