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Posted September 11, 2018 06:37:08 Today marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first Melbourne Underground line, and there’s been some good news to come out of the milestone.

The first trains, the Victoria to Melbourne Express, ran in April 1915.

That’s when a Victorian Railway officer named Harry Hinton decided to make the Victoria an express line.

It was the start of Melbourne’s Victorian Underground and the first railway line connecting the city to its mainland.

“That was a wonderful thing,” Mr Hinton said.

He also noted the line’s early opening.

In 1918, Melbourne was an agricultural town and many people had to go on foot to work in fields.

When the line opened, Victoria was one of the poorest cities in Australia, and many residents moved to the suburbs, especially from the east coast.

Mr Hinton also remembers seeing many of his students travelling by the line and making their way from Melbourne to the west coast to escape the winter cold.

Victoria had its own railway line for about 40 years before the line was built, but it wasn’t until 1917 that the line really opened.

This is Victoria to the north-west, which was a good thing, said Mr Hinnerts son.

I was very pleased when it opened, he said.

“It was a great day.”

Mr Howard said that was the most exciting moment of his life.

‘I would never leave Victoria’The Victoria to Victoria Express opened on May 14, 1915, just over two years after it was inaugurated, and it ran for nearly 20 years.

By the time the line closed in 1927, it had run more than 1.2 million kilometres.

A few years later, the Victorian Railway Corporation (VRC) closed the Victoria Line and began the Victorian Express line.

That line opened in 1929 and carried passengers for about a year before closing in 1964.

Today’s Melbourne’s underground is about 20 kilometres north of the Victoria line, but the Victoria branch only opened in October 2018, just five months before the 100 year anniversary of its opening.

“It’s a beautiful line that runs for about 70 years, but I would never be able to leave Victoria,” Mr Howard said.

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