What’s the deal with the #HustlersProducers?

A list of the producers in Niagara County, New York has been released, including one who’s been making some serious dough since launching in 2018.

The list includes several famous names like David “Big P” Sallinger, Mark Sutter, and Mike Salliger, but also some more obscure names like Chris Buell, Kevin Buehler, and Matt Pritchett.

The list also includes producers who’ve worked for several other producers, but most notably Kevin “Big” Pritchel, who’s currently working for the company “Hustler,” which is owned by The Weinstein Co. He made the list after a report that claimed he had ties to a Russian spy agency.

The producer also previously worked with the production company “Pornstar,” which was sued by The Donald Trump campaign in 2020.

The New York Times revealed in 2018 that a number of Trump-related and Russian government-linked producers were involved in the production of a pornographic film that was produced for the Trump campaign.

In 2018, Pritchell also had an alleged affair with producer Anna Kournikova.