Which idol producers make the most popular music in Australia?

A popular Australian hip hop producer has been credited with being the key force behind the rise of country music, with her own name now synonymous with the genre.

Key points:Ricky Martin, known as A-Boy, is credited with introducing country music to AustraliaIn the 1980s, he created a popular, genre-bending genre called hip hop, popularised by artists such as Bob Marley and the Wailers and The Beatles”I think I’ve just created the genre,” Martin told ABC Radio Canberra on Monday.

“I’ve created a new sound that I’m not going to stop using.”

In the late 1980s Martin was the lead producer on the hit ABC TV series A-Boogie, which was a success for the broadcaster.

“We had a very successful show.

And we were very happy about that,” Martin said.”

The next thing we knew it was on national radio and the radio stations across Australia started to get involved.””

I had a feeling it was a niche and I thought that was a good thing.”

It gave the Australian people something to talk about.

“Martin, who now runs the production company M.B. Martin, says hip hop is a genre that’s been around since the 1950s.

But he says there are many people who are better suited to creating hip hop than the likes of A-boogie’s Ricky Martin.”

There are a lot of producers in Australia who are not as good as Ricky Martin,” he said.

Martin says it’s the sound of a genre he thinks is evolving and “we’re seeing people who can produce something quite different”.”

I don’t think we’re just getting into it, we’re changing it and changing the way we work.

“Hip hop is just so much more than the sound that it has today,” he told ABC radio.

“Its the sound as we know it today.”

A-Booger producer Martin says there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hip hop production.