How to Make a ‘Southside Record Producer’

A Southside record label owner who’s become a viral sensation after the release of her debut album, is making her debut feature film this year.

The Southside Record Company released a new video and a book, Southside, on Monday, and they’re now taking orders for new music and albums, which will be released this summer.

The company’s founder, Jennifer Williams, said the new book was inspired by her own family’s history of domestic abuse.

“My mom was an alcoholic and I grew up in a house that was literally just like that, and I remember her telling me all the time that her mom wouldn’t let me sleep in the house with her because it was a bad environment,” Williams said.

“She would just lock the door when she was in there.

I remember the very first time she went to bed, and she just got up and she threw me on the bed and I was like, ‘I don’t want to be here.'”

The video and book also cover her mother’s struggle with alcoholism, as well as her upbringing as a child.

Williams grew up at a time when domestic violence was still considered taboo, and it was an experience she struggled to overcome when she began working at the record label.

“I grew up and I’m the youngest person at that record label at the time and I really think that that’s a reflection of how I think that the system is broken,” Williams explained.

Williams was inspired to make the film when she heard about another Southside producer, Jodi Lynn Smith, who wrote a memoir about being abused by her father.

“It’s so much more important than that, because she’s not only writing about that, but she’s also sharing her own story,” Williams told ABC News.

“We’re doing it for her and for us, because it’s really important that she see that there are others like her and that she can find help.”

Williams said she hopes the book will help raise awareness for domestic violence and encourage people to take control of their lives.

“Because we’re not a community that’s safe for anyone, we need to be able to step out of our own house, get a phone call, go to work and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives,” Williams added.