I was so lucky to have my job as a designer on a brand with the highest number of job openings

A lot of people think that designer jobs are hard to come by, but there are a lot of good ones out there.

Here are the top five best job openings in the field: 1.

Design & Production, Design & Media, 3200, Los Angeles, California, United States 2.

Web Design, 3100, Austin, Texas, United State 3.

Web Designer, 3090, Austin/Austin, Texas 4.

Web Developer, 3050, Austin 5.

Social Media, 3005, San Diego, California 6.

Web Content Marketing, 2760, Portland, Oregon 7.

Digital Product Marketing, 2703, Atlanta, Georgia 8.

Mobile Marketing, 2330, Minneapolis, Minnesota 9.

Social Video Production, 2300, Chicago, Illinois 10.

Social Content Marketing/Video Production, 2200, San Francisco, California