‘We have a lot of work to do’: Trump, wife say they’re taking a break from campaign to raise money for EMILYS

The President, his wife and their three children, who have been running the Trump Organization since his presidential campaign, will be taking a hiatus from the campaign to help raise money.

They have been raising money for the campaign through EMILYs, a nonprofit that helps low-income families.

The Trump Organization’s website says the Trump family will focus on fundraising during the first week of November and will continue doing business until Election Day.

Trump’s campaign announced that he will host a fundraiser in New York on Tuesday.

The event will take place at Trump Tower in New New York City.

In a separate statement, the Trump campaign said the family would be traveling to Texas on Wednesday.

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Emmys: Emmys 2018: Who wins?

The Emmys will broadcast Tuesday night on ABC.

Trump won the Emmy for best actor for “Inception,” while director Lana Wachowski won for best actress for her performance in the sci-fi film “Citizenfour.”

The Emmys went to director Steven Spielberg for best director, for the film “The Post,” which received the best picture Oscar nomination.

Spielberg won for his performance in “Catch Me If You Can,” which won the Academy Award for best picture.

The Emmy nominations are determined by the Academy Awards voting, and the nominations are based on total nominations for a single category.

The Emmy awards were announced Monday night and will air on ABC, NBC and CBS, beginning at 8 p.m.


The nominees will receive an Emmy Award.