When Pharrell released his new album, I Am, I Don’t Want to be: The First 25 Songs that Actually Work

Pharrell has always had an affinity for song titles.

The producer-songwriter, who’s worked with some of the most recognizable artists of all time, created an enormous following with hits like “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Bad Romance.”

He’s also produced a slew of hits, including “The Weeknd” and Beyoncé’s “I Feel It Coming.”

But that affinity for a title has only led to more songs with titles like “I Don’t Like to Think About It,” “Wedding Ring,” “The Good Girl,” and, yes, “Pharrell’s Own Name.”

He recently took to the stage at the Billboard Music Awards to show off his latest work, a song called “I Am, II, III.”

Pharrell’s song “I’m Just a Feeling” has also been a smash in the past, and while it didn’t win, it’s been a huge hit for Pharrell.

His new album is titled I Am Just a Feelings, and it has a title that’s as catchy as it is catchy.

The song was produced by the same person who produced “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” and it sounds exactly like that song, only more catchy.

Pharrell and producer John Legend have both shared their love for a lot of famous artists, but it’s Pharrell who’s come up with some incredible hits.

He recently announced that he’ll be releasing a number of tracks on the label, including a collaboration with Kanye West.

But the best track on I Am Nothing’s album, “Just Feel,” isn’t one of the singles, it has the title “Pharrel’s Own” on it.

In addition to the songs that come on IAmNothing.com, the label also released a few exclusive bonus tracks for fans.

They include “No Sleep,” “Pharaoh,” and “Sugar,” which features Pharrell as Pharrell, along with guest appearances from Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Pharrell himself.

“Just feel,” which includes Pharrell performing, is out now.

Listen to the first 25 songs that Pharrell made with producer John Butler.