Barrys producers of ‘Lucky Man’ star’s new movie say they’re not going to put him back in the movie

In what could be a first for the producer of “Lucky Men” and the lead actor, David Lee Roth, a producer of the Netflix series said Monday they are not going back to the movie.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Barrys co-producer and co-founder of the film, Mark Burnett, said he had not yet seen the film.

Burnett said producers have not spoken with Roth and have not gotten a chance to watch the film but that they are considering making a sequel to the film to bring the two together.

Burnetts original plan was to make the film with his wife, producer and screenwriter Jane Goldman, who had a part in the making of the series.

But they have decided to move on.

Goldman, Roth and producer and cozied up to Roth in the last few years has made her the most prominent female producer on “Laughing Squid.”

She was also the producer behind the critically acclaimed comedy “Tiger Woods PGA Tour.”

Roth and Goldman have a history in the film industry.

Roth was the producer and writer of “The Wedding Singer” and Roth is known for producing films such as “Bridget Jones’s House” and “Gangster Squad.”

The film “Lonesome Dove” is a drama that tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a girl and is drawn back to her after her family dies.

Roth and Burnett have made several movies together and produced many of the best-selling books.