How to get the most out of a PACIFIC COAST production

There’s a lot to be said for putting your creative juices to work.

And this is especially true if you’re a small-budget producer that can’t afford a full-fledged production.

But with PACIFIC HILL producing, a small team can put together a film of their very own in a single day.

This week, the duo of producer Matt and producer Hannah were able to accomplish that feat by creating a single-day camp film that was a highlight of their production.

“When we first started doing it, we had only a handful of people working on the entire film,” Hannah says.

“I was like, ‘OK, well, we’ve got to get this crew together and we’ve gotta do this thing together.

Let’s make this thing.'”

The idea was simple: They needed to create an entirely new take on the iconic film, to be filmed in front of an entirely different audience.

The two decided to go with a more camp-like format, with Hannah having more of a story in mind and a more intimate connection with her character.

“The camp is the place where people get together and you’re like, oh, I love this place,” Hannah explains.

“And then you get out of that place and you think, well I’ll never leave here.

I just want to stay here forever.”

By the time they finished their camp, it had taken them around five days to shoot.

“There were so many people, there was so much talent, so many little things that we were doing that really didn’t need to happen,” Hannah continues.

“So we just put our heads down and we were like, this is going to be awesome.”

For a small production, the sheer volume of people involved can be overwhelming, especially with the amount of time and effort required.

But Hannah says they managed to squeeze in as many hours as they needed.

“We had to be really mindful of the people who were there to help us make it,” she says.

The filmmakers decided to start by taking the time to create a template, a timeline of how the entire project would unfold.

“What was our story, how did we come up with this story, what were the people involved?”

Hannah asks.

“Then we took it all in, and then we kind of just put it together and then started doing our thing.”

The process took the filmmakers a week, and they worked in teams of four or five to create the film.

“It was a very labor-intensive process, and it really felt like the team that we had that had worked on this for like five days really came together,” Hannah adds.

“Like, we’re just in the midst of this thing, and I was able to just take all that out of the equation and just let them go at it.”

After the film was completed, Hannah and Matt went to a hotel and took turns driving to the shoot, which took them about three hours to get there.

“That was so cool because it felt like we were all working on something together,” Matt explains.

When they got there, they were all very happy to see each other, and after getting back to their hotel, Hannah said she “woke up a little bit more excited” than she had been the previous day.

“Our camp was kind of like a place where you could get together with your friends and hang out,” Hannah concludes.

“Just hang out and have fun and do something fun.

And it was like we had something to share.

We could just feel that we wanted to share it with our friends and just share that moment.”

The filmmakers are hoping to produce more of these type of films, which is something they plan on doing in the future.

“You just want the people to be there and you want to give them that opportunity to share that experience,” Hannah stresses.

“As long as the person that you’re sharing it with has that ability to just be there, to just experience it and just do it for you, you know, it’s going to feel really special.”

And for now, it seems like the filmmakers have found their perfect place to take camp.

“This film, I mean, it was very much about us being there and seeing each other in the process and we felt like it was a really good experience for us,” Matt says.

For Hannah, the experience has given her new perspective on filmmaking.

“If you’re doing something creative and have a great vision for the movie, and the people are there, it really makes it feel like you’re actually working with the people you’re making a film with,” she adds.

For more information on the production, check out the full trailer below.