The biggest crop failure in India’s history

The biggest cropping failure in Indian history has left millions in the country without crops for months.

The crisis has left some farmers with nothing to eat and others with nowhere to plant.

Farmers in Karnataka and Odisha have also suffered food shortages and are desperate to sell their crops to make ends meet.

The disaster is the biggest in the history of India’s agricultural sector, which has been a major source of exports to the US.

The US is India’s second largest trading partner, after China.

It comes as farmers across the country have been trying to get back to work and to save some cash in order to repay loans taken out by their banks.

But now, some farmers are blaming the US for their losses and saying they will not repay the loans.

Farm labourers at the farm in Pune, Maharashtra, February 3, 2021.

Rohan Das, chief executive of the Karnataka Agricultural Cooperative Federation, which represents farmers, said some of the farmers were unable to sell some of their crops because of the crisis.

“It is our fault because the US government has made loans to us, but we have not received any money from the US Government,” Das told AFP.

“The problem is not the US, it is the US Congress.

It should give us our money back,” he said.

The US has been supplying Indian farmers with crop insurance loans.

The Government of India is also paying farmers a cash dividend of about Rs 5,000 per head.

In Karnataka, there are more than 70,000 farmers who are now unable to buy their crops.

“If we do not get our crop insurance from the government, then our crop loss will continue for months and months,” said Ramakrishna Rao, who runs a cattle trading house in Puducherry.

Ranab Jaitley, who is the agriculture minister, told reporters in Delhi that the US will not be able to provide loans and India will have to pay for the loans and buy food from farmers.

“We have to buy our food from the farmers.

We are the last ones in the queue to buy food.

We will buy our own food, but if they do not provide the loans, we will have no choice,” he told reporters.

The number of cropping failures is not known because of restrictions imposed on India by the World Bank and other international lenders.

The latest crop failure comes as Indian farmers are increasingly desperate to repay their loans.

According to the government’s annual crop assessment, about 70,500 croppers had lent loans to farmers in the previous fiscal.

The Indian Government says it will compensate the farmers and help them recover the losses.

The World Bank says it cannot comment on individual cases but that it was surprised by the current situation.

The country has been hit by a series of crop failures in recent years, with one-third of India facing food insecurity.

In 2016, the Central Board of Agricultural Research said the country’s crop sector had reached its peak in 2015, with the worst year ever recorded for the entire sector.