What is the real reason for the Eagles’ decline?

The Eagles have made it clear they don’t see themselves as the same team as they were last season.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of improving.

They’ve done just that, and now that they’re finally healthy, they should be able to build a new foundation and continue to compete for championships.

So, why did they fall?

Here’s what you need to know.1.

The Eagles were in decline for the majority of the season, but things started to click last year.

The team had an 11-game winning streak, a 9-game losing streak and three straight playoff appearances.

That kind of success was a major reason for Chip Kelly’s optimism last offseason, but the Eagles have since fallen off a cliff.

The following season, the Eagles went 7-9, their lowest record since 2001.

And the Eagles were already at their lowest level in five years.

So what’s the problem?

It’s a lot of things.

First, the lack of a consistent quarterback.

Carson Wentz played in a limited role last season, and he played poorly.

It’s difficult to predict how good he will be when he is in a crowded quarterback room.

Kelly’s system of moving Wentz around a lot was also a major issue last year, as he kept him in a two-read-option offense.

Wentz, a native of California, was asked to run the offense, which he struggled with.

He completed 61.5 percent of his passes last season compared to 67.4 percent in 2016.

The results are clear: Wentz struggled.

That’s something Kelly can’t afford to repeat.2.

Chip Kelly is not a coach who can sit back and wait.

Kelly, a defensive-minded head coach, understands the importance of getting the best out of his players.

He doesn’t take shortcuts.

He wants to make his players better.

He knows how to run a football game.

That is why he went after the top quarterback in the draft and brought in Johnny Manziel.

He also brought in Trent Edwards and Austin Davis, two guys who have been on Kelly’s radar for a while.

But he’s not a quarterback coach.

And that’s not an excuse for the struggles the Eagles showed last year either.3.

The coaching staff has been inconsistent.

Chip’s first two years as the Eagles head coach were terrible.

He didn’t get the job done.

His third year as the head coach saw the Eagles improve dramatically, winning the division and making the playoffs, but it didn’t feel like the same Chip Kelly we knew in 2016 or 2017.

Kelly hasn’t made any drastic changes, but he has addressed some of the big issues in the secondary, offensive line and offensive line coaching.4.

The offense hasn’t worked out.

The offensive line hasn’t been able to be a consistent threat, especially in the passing game.

Kelly has done a good job adjusting to a run-first offense, but his offense hasn, too.

Last season, Kelly ran only 39.3 percent of the time.

This season, he’s running 56.7 percent.

He’s not making a ton of big-play plays.5.

The quarterback situation hasn’t helped.

Kelly is a defensive mind and his quarterbacks have been terrible.

The biggest issue with Kelly’s quarterbacks is their lack of confidence.

It is very difficult for quarterbacks to trust themselves to get the ball to the right place on the field.

They often do things that are just out of their control.

Kelly can make adjustments, but there is no guarantee that he will make the adjustments right.6.

The front office is a mess.

The NFL is a business, and Chip Kelly needs to work with a group of people that can actually win a championship.

That means he needs to hire people who know how to win.

Kelly needs a head coach who knows how.

And he needs a front office that understands the game.

His former offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, is gone.

Kelly doesn’t have a quarterback guru.

He hasn’t hired a head of talent development.

He needs to have a front-office guru.

That will take a lot more than a head-coaching change.7.

The defense has improved in recent years.

But the Eagles defense has never been good enough to make it a playoff contender.

Kelly and Co. have improved the defense, but that hasn’t translated into a playoff berth.

Kelly hired a new defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, last season and he struggled badly.

But Chip has done some great things with the defense and has done more than he’s given.

The first thing he did was give his defense a big boost.

But it wasn’t enough to help him get to the Super Bowl.8.

The offseason moves have been disappointing.

The most important move for the team last offseason was the draft.

The franchise is still rebuilding, but Kelly and the Eagles picked well in the first round.

The second-round pick is a solid player who could develop into a solid starting