Turbo producer: ‘I think I’ll have to go into manufacturing’

Producer: I think I might have to work in manufacturing.

Produce junction,Inc: It’s a new era in the world of technology and there are so many things that are different.

Producing in this environment is really, really exciting, because you’re really not working with an actual human being.

You’re just working with machines.

Produced by: Turbo producer,Produce junction Inc: I would say that there’s a lot of technology that’s already been done and we’re just looking at the next step in this.

It’s exciting.

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Producer: It feels like a different world to me because I’ve never worked with a human being, so there’s no emotions.

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source The Sun article Producer junction: You’re working in a world that’s not a machine.

You’ve got to think outside the box.

Producer and producer junctions: I’m an introvert.

It was something that I’ve always had, so it’s hard to fit into any environment.

Produce junitions: You have to have that natural curiosity, that natural creativity, so I don’t know what to do with the computer.

It doesn’t exist, I don