Which of the MLB players is the most underrated?

The Associated Press has ranked the 15 most-overrated players in MLB history.

The players have earned a cumulative grade of 100 out of 100, which is a cumulative average of every player who played at least 100 games.

We ranked the players on their merits and judged them on their accomplishments, not just their performance.

We used a combination of historical data and modern metrics, which gave us a snapshot of players at their best and worst.

Players like Tim Wakefield and Willie McCovey are not on this list because they are not at their peak.

Players who have been injured and retired or who have reached their primes but are not playing at the highest levels.

Players whose careers have gone sideways due to injury and/or retirement.

We didn’t include Hall of Famers because they have been in the game longer than the players we listed.

Here are the players that we considered the best of all time.