Which producers and artists would you like to hear on the new season of Dancing with the Stars?

The 2017 season of the ABC hit dance competition was held in front of an audience of nearly 300 million people on ABC.

That’s an audience that had already tuned in for the previous two seasons of the show, when it had more than 2 billion viewers per episode.

While the season was well-received by the audience, some producers and producers’ reps said the show’s viewership was too low.

The new season, which is being produced by TNA and hosted by Kendall Jenner, has a lot of talent.

It has a new host and a brand new roster of dancers.

But it still hasn’t caught on with viewers.

TNA recently released an internal survey that found that only a third of respondents had seen the show before the season premiered.

A large portion of those who did watched had not yet watched the episode and were still not familiar with it.

The show’s new hosts were also new to the industry.

The stars of the new show, Kendall Jenner and Nina Hartley, were the only new hires this year.

The producers and stars of Dancing With the Stars are set to debut their new dance routines this Sunday on ABC’s Dancing With Kelly and Michaela.

T.I., Drake and Meek Mill are also scheduled to debut on the show.

The Dancing With The Stars season of TNA, which includes a brand-new roster of contestants, is set to air on TNA on June 25.

The star power and talent of T.R. Kelly, Meek and Drake, have made the new TNA season one of the most watched in TNA history, with nearly 8 million viewers per week.

Telly and Nina were also announced for TNA’s new season.