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Turbo producer: ‘I think I’ll have to go into manufacturing’

Producer: I think I might have to work in manufacturing.Produce junction,Inc: It’s a new era in the world of technology and there are so many things that are different.Producing in this environment is really, really exciting, because you’re really not working with an actual human being.You’re just working with machines.Produced by: Turbo producer,Produce junction Inc: […]

Mike Hultgren: I’m in for a rough ride on Capitol Hill

Former Rep. Mike Hultsgren (R-MO) has told Fox News that President Donald Trump’s first 100 days are “going to be a rough one.”Hultsgraff was one of the first Republicans to publicly announce his presidential candidacy and endorsed Trump after he took office.“I think it’s going to be tough, especially after the election,” he said.I’m not […]

Meiosis creates artificial intelligence to produce artificial intelligence in wheels

In the near future, machines will be able to produce new types of products, such as self-driving cars or robotic surgery, from scratch.That will require us to create new kinds of machines.That’s where Meiosis comes in.The startup has created artificial intelligence software that can produce new products from scratch, like a robotic arm.The company is […]