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How to produce phyto-products from plants,not by chemicals

India’s phytonic production, the process of making the products from the plants that produce them, is booming, but the key ingredients are often overlooked.The challenge is to take the right amount of these ingredients and blend them in a way that delivers a high-quality product.The world is moving towards an abundance of these products.They have […]

When Pharrell released his new album, I Am, I Don’t Want to be: The First 25 Songs that Actually Work

Pharrell has always had an affinity for song titles.The producer-songwriter, who’s worked with some of the most recognizable artists of all time, created an enormous following with hits like “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Bad Romance.”He’s also produced a slew of hits, including “The Weeknd” and Beyoncé’s “I Feel It Coming.”But that affinity for a […]

Why ‘Drake’ producer and ‘Sunrise’ producer who produced ‘Who Produced ‘DRAKE’ is still at risk

Producer/producer/producers and their business models are increasingly in jeopardy.The two men behind the smash hit “Who Produces ‘DRAGON’” are still at the center of a lawsuit filed against them and the company they worked for, DREAMWorks.The complaint, filed in federal court in Florida on Thursday, accuses the two men of fraud and conspiracy for their […]