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When a small-scale alchemist company opens a plant in the north park, producers want to be compensated

Produce produced in the park by a small alchemist producer company has generated $20,000 for the park and will likely remain a valuable source of revenue, according to producers.The small producer company, called North Park Produce, operates in a small park about 150 kilometres south of Calgary, said Kevin Cope, an industry consultant.“We have a […]

Why a new app is giving the new wave of producers and DJs the tools they need to get their projects off the ground

An app that lets users share their recipes and tracks is giving new wave producers and producers with a new tool set a boost.The app, called Alchemist, was launched by Sunrise producer James D’Ambrosio.The team behind the app are already using it to make their own music, but now they want to help producers and […]