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Why a new app is giving the new wave of producers and DJs the tools they need to get their projects off the ground

An app that lets users share their recipes and tracks is giving new wave producers and producers with a new tool set a boost.The app, called Alchemist, was launched by Sunrise producer James D’Ambrosio.The team behind the app are already using it to make their own music, but now they want to help producers and […]

Why ‘Drake’ producer and ‘Sunrise’ producer who produced ‘Who Produced ‘DRAKE’ is still at risk

Producer/producer/producers and their business models are increasingly in jeopardy.The two men behind the smash hit “Who Produces ‘DRAGON’” are still at the center of a lawsuit filed against them and the company they worked for, DREAMWorks.The complaint, filed in federal court in Florida on Thursday, accuses the two men of fraud and conspiracy for their […]